What are the chaturbate tokens and how they are used on chaturbate.com

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If you are here and reading this article then i am sure that you all know about site chaturbate.com. Chaturbate.com is an adult chatting site where you can chat with strangers in formal way or on adult topic. There are lots of members and chat rooms where you can enjoy adult chatting free or by offering your chaturbate tokens.

What are chaturbate tokens: Chaturbate tokens are the virtual currency which is used only on chaturbate.com. This currency (Chaturbate Tokens) is used to offer chatroom owner and to ask to do what you want. The chatroom owner ask chaturbate tokens (chaturbate token currency) for making room more adult as you want. If you want more adult content in chatroom then you will have to pay more tokens.

Chaturbate membership: To access chaturbate.com chatroom you have to be a membership of chaturbate.com. Chaturbate bacis membership is free for all users but for premium membership you have to pay $19.95 every month and you will get 200 free chaturbate tokens, add free chatroom and access to PM chatroom owner with premium membership.

Why do we need chaturbate tokens: If you are only watching chatroom you don’t need tokens, but if you want to make room more adult then you have to pay chaturbate tokens as a tip to chatroom owner. You will give tip to room owner and they will do whatever you say to do. Chaturbate tokens are are also to make private chat with chatroom owner. You can ask to chatroom owner for private chat by giving tokens.

Pricing of chaturbate tokens currency: Chaturbate.com tokens packages are below
1) $10.99 for 100 chaturbate tokens 2) $20.99 for 200 tokens 3) $44.99 for 500 tokens

The other way to get free chaturbate tokens is chaturbate token hack or chaturbate token generator. We are working on it and will serve you this service soon.

Payment methods for chaturbate tokens: There are sevarel methods by which you can purchase chaturbate tokens. You can make payment by debit card, credit card, wire transfer and bit coins.

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